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Mission Statement: 

It is our business to promote and advise in all aspects of environmentally friendly Energy and Water treatment Systems, across the Indonesian archipelago, whilst providing the highest level of service, accessing our extensive global network to benefit our clients the world over. We are fully committed to being your link to the right product at the right price with the right service.

 Business profile:

Based in Bali, Indonesia, "Smart Bali - Environmental Solutions & Systems" was formed to provide alternative “Green”, cost effective solutions for Domestic and commercial enterprises in, Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy Power, Solar Hot water Systems, Water treatment processes and Fuel purification.

With over 44 years combined business experience in Indonesia and over 35 years in energy and engineering based work experience, we feel that "Smart Bali - Environmental Solutions & Systems" is perfectly poised to advise and implement the various innovations recently developed in the rest of the world yet have failed to fully materialise in Indonesia, particularly in Bali.

Business overview:

Originally Targeting Architects, Developers and Contractors, "Smart Bali - Environmental Solutions & Systems" has already built up a comprehensive network of clients. Building on its reputation of providing no nonsense direct solutions, we have recently opened our “Direct to public” showroom and sales program which showcases the full range of our products. With the introduction of The RCI Technologies Fuel filter and Purifier ("Smart Bali - Environmental Solutions & Systems" Sole Distributor) "Smart Bali - Environmental Solutions & Systems" is additionally targeting, The Marine, Mine and transport related institutions to demonstrate how we can save you time and money, whilst being kind to the environment at the same time.

Sales overview:

In addition to our expansive client data base, "Smart Bali - Environmental Solutions & Systems" has started to actively promote its products and services in Bali’s major Hotel Trade and real-estate magazines with a series of product features and a monthly column relating to the benefits of “"Smart Bali - Environmental Solutions & Systems"”  “Smart Systems” and “Smart Building Products and Services” This has now been further expanded to include Marine Transportation and Mine enterprises.

Product list:

"Smart Energy - Pure water"  Bali Indonesia has several products to offer as a range. We are still designing and finalising the development of other items, but are confident that the range we have available to the market is strong and unique and will offer both, retailers and consumers innovation in design and serviceability.


Domestic & Commercial Water Filtration.. "Smart Bali - Environmental Solutions & Systems" offers a full range of water filters and filter media, be it Reverse Osmosis, media filtration or element filtration, we believe we have a range of products to suit both your budget and purity constraints.

Domestic & Commercial Water Softeners.. In many areas in Bali, the Calcium (Kalk) levels are extreemly high leading to build up on taps and heating systems. We offer Ion exchange softeners, Reverse Osmosis systems and electronic de-scalers.

3M Drinking water ..(Point of Use).. 3M USA has been providing the worlds Armies with pure drinking water, no matter where they are operating, for over 70 years. Using a compact filtration and UF filter system, it is now possible to have a elegant above sink or under counter system providing ample drinking and/or rinsing water without the loss of healthy minerals for your family or commercial establishment. 

Ultra Violet (UVC) Drinking water .(Point of Use)..  Pure water for your Tap. Our Inported UV systems are ideal for domestic drinking water, commercial kitchens, cafes, bars and Ice machines.

Water Purification .. (Point of Entry).. Looking For Whole House/ Villa / Hotel drinking water.Our Ultra Filtration (UF) membrane systems, combined with Fine mesh pre filtrations offers good flow rates without the need for aditional Pumps.  .

Domestic & Commercial Desalination.. No Job is too small or too big. Using filter mebranes from the USA we can build any unit to your specification. All we need to know is the salinity or water contamination problems and how many litres you require per hour and our technicians will do the rest.

HOT WATER energy efficient systems (sistem AIR PANAS yg HEMAT)

Solar Hot Water Heaters.. In conjunction with an already well established and award winning. solar heating company,We have introduced a previously unavailable range of solar products with Designs and Aesthetics to suit the modern Villa and Hotel architecture. Unobtrusive and efficient, the range includes an anti calcium system for Bali’s varying water supplies and with its modular design may be expanded to supply unlimited hot water for any sized project.... Dont be fooled by cheap imitations.

Air Source Heat pumps..We offer a extensive range rWe offer and extensive range of Domestic, Commercial hot water and Pool heating systems. 80% more efficient than standard elecric heaters it is the way of the future.


Fuel Purification.. The RCI Technologies fuel purifier is a simple one step unit that removes 100% of the free water and 95% to 98% of dust, dirt, and other normal and natural contaminants found in all diesel & petrolium fuel. Unlike all other products on the market, the RCI Technologies fuel purifier performs this function without the use of a replaceable, changeable, or cleanable filter element, cartridge, or bowl. By removing contamination immediately before the fuel enters the engine’s filter system, the purifier delivers cleaner fuel, (virtually eliminating filter clogging) and therefore creating greater engine efficiency and greatly extending maintenance intervals and costly service downtime.

Fuel & Oil Polishing..  The McFil filtration system, is suited to All fuels and Oils. Used correctly we can give you a ISO better than the original and save you thousands of dollars on damaged equipment or oil changes

Building Services & Products.. Using the latest products and build systems, our design and build team offers an affordable and "green" solution to your building problems. Apart from our competent building work force, our team includes a modern Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) auto cad design and a Internationaly acredited Structual Engineering backup..

Smart Swim Pool Build .. Let our team design and build the pool of your choice, whils incorperating the latest in energy efficient pool equipment

Smart Bioniser Swimming Pool Purification.. Rapidly becoming “The” standard in Australia, the Smart Bioniser is a fully integrated water Ioniser and pump controller. Using technology from NASA, the Silver and Copper anodes create a near CHLORINE free crystal clear swimming environment that is so pure, its even safe to drink.

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