Environmental  Systems & Solutions



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Water Filters Sediment & Carbon Water filtration Water Filters Bali - Filtrasi Air Bali
Water Softeners (Calcium Reduction Ion Exchange) Water Softener.

3M point of use Drinking Water

3M Water Filters

Ultraviolet (UV) Drinking Water Systems Pure drinking water in your Bali villa. Best with pre filtration
Solar Hot Water Systems Bali    

Solar Hot water. Air Panas Suraya

Hot Water Heat-Pump (Air Source) Air Source Heat pumps, now available in Bali, Indonesia. More compact than solar hot water but with the same energy saving.
Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants

RCI Fuel Filter & Purifier

Filtration for your Solar, diesel fuel. now available in Bali, Indonesia. Protect your genset today

SONOS Wifi Sound Systems & TP-Link WiFi Solutions



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