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"Smart Energy" Bali



Fuel Water Seperator

Authorized Distributor Indonesia


RCI Fuel Filter water Seperator

No Replacement Fuel Filters - 5 Year Warranty - Easily installed and maintained.

Diesel – Petrol – Kerosene – Aviation Fuel

Marine Engines – Trucks & Buses – Generators – Plant Equipment


What is a "Smart Energy" RCI Fuel Purifier?

The "Smart Energy" RCI  Fuel Purifier (Filter) is a simple one step unit that removes 100% of the free water and 98% of dust, dirt, and other normal and natural contaminants found in all diesel fuel. Even today’s “clean” diesel fuel will easily become contaminated during transportation and storage. Unlike all other products on the market, the "Smart Energy" RCI  Fuel Purifier performs this function without the use of a replaceable, changeable, or cleanable filter element, cartridge, or bowl. By removing contamination immediately before the fuel enters the engine’s filter system, the purifier delivers cleaner fuel, (virtually eliminating filter clogging) and therefore greatly extending maintenance intervals.

How does "Smart Energy" RCI  Fuel Purifier (Filter) work?

The "Smart Energy" RCI  Fuel Purifier is a unique product utilizing a three-stage purification process using two well-known fuel separation principles, centrifugal and coalescence. By using these two principles, water and other contaminants are separated from the fuel. This eliminates fuel filter clogging, related breakdowns, down time, and frequent filter replacements. As the fuel enters the purifier, it flows downward in a circular movement through a internal baffle system entering the lower chamber of the purifier. In the first stage of purification, the velocity of the fuel slows down considerably, allowing any free water droplets and other contaminants to maintain their mass and not emulsify with the fuel. These impurities accumulate and remain at the bottom of the purifier until purged. In the second stage of purification, the fuel migrates through three perforated baffle plates to stop any particulates and attract, by way of coalescence, any water droplets still remaining. In the final stage of purification, the fuel passes through our patented coalescence medium to assure that any small water droplets or particulates will be coalesced out of the fuel stream. Only the clean fuel rises to the top, providing a cleaner burning fuel for quicker ignition and better combustion. Consistent clean fuel helps to increase the engine’s dependability, power, and efficiency.

The "Smart Energy" RCI fuel Filter is simple to install, and provides The Permanent Solution to fuel system management and control. We  also offers an optional water sensor kit, with an alarm signal, indicating purging is required

Advantages of the "Smart Energy" RCI Fuel Purifier!

 There are many advantages and benefits to the owner and operator with the installation of a "Smart Energy" RCI Fuel Purifier. These advantages include the following:



 ·     Reduces down time.

·     Extends the life of the injection pump and the injectors.

·     Extends the life of the primary filter.

·     Protects and extends the life of the engine.

·     No internal or external parts requiring service or replacement.

·     Increases the engines dependability, power and efficiency

RCI Fuel Filter, Deisel, diesel, genset, engine flow diagram, available in Bali, Indonesia



·     Eliminates all water from the fuel system, thus avoiding time consuming break downs while preventing the formation of damaging sulfuric acid.

·     Removes all solid particles from the fuel system, including oxides, dirt, rubbish, and all other impurities with a density greater than that of the fuel itself.


 ·     Increases the operating life of fuel filters.

·     The major component of existing fuel filters is paper. Use of an "Smart Energy" RCI fuel purifier results in fewer trees being cut each year.

·     Reduction in land fill due to fewer fuel filter replacement.

·     Providing fuel that is free of water and suspended particulates is the first step in exhaust emissions control.

·     Significant improvement in exhaust emissions. Tests on the "Smart Energy" RCI fuel purifier show that smoke emissions were reduced by 17.3%, carbon monoxide emissions by 10.4%,



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