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Water Filters

For the removal of  : Small Particles Odors Bad Tastes

Chlorine Heavy Metals Chemicals and Pesticides

Smart Energy water filtration Systems are, back-flushing carbon and sediment (Sand & Carbon and other Media Etc.) tank systems that provide a wide range of filtration, without the need of filter cartridges to constantly change.  Using out Smart systems control head (some of the most reliable and easy to use control heads on the market), these systems automatically backwash themselves, cleaning the media and ensuring effective filtration with minimal flow restrictions. By using a selection of filtration media and a  high activity carbon, these filters will take care of many natural water problems.

 Bali Water Table. This is presently droping every year not only is the water harder to get at. The contamination is now stronger.. Most people are aware that most water supplies contain unsafe contaminates, such as chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals (Iron and lead) , funny tastes or smells (rotten egg), odors and other contaminants. These filters will remove most of your common water contaminate, all in a simple tank, with a minimal maintenance system.

Water is our business. We don't just give the standard "road side service". We will always identify the problem and offer the most cost effective system for your needs.


Domestic or Commercial.. Manual or Auto

 Water Filter Set. Wetting Pre Filter and Softener                 Commercial Filtration Holtel Systems

Hard Water  Water Softener

Salt Type Ion Exchange

Calcium and Magnesium dont just cause staining of your sanitaryware, it also blocks your pipes, damages water heaters and pumps and also reduces the efficiency of water heaters (2mm calcium build up equals a 25% loss in heating)

(Introducing the low mainatnance Salt ION Water Filter Softener)

Ion exchange water softening products remove Calcium and Magnesium from hard water to produce softened water. Unlike hard water, softened water will not leave any residue or scale on things it comes in contact with.

 The process of ion exchange softening is completed using resin beads coated in sodium as a medium. The sodium (Salt Brine) of the resins attracts the ions of the minerals that harden the water. As the hard water flows through the mineral tank, the sodium ions, which line the sides of the tank, are replaced by the mineral ions that are in the water flow, thus removing those hard water minerals from the water, producing softened water.

At various intervals (as set by our technicians and depending upon your hardness levels) the Auto digital filter, is set to backwash (Purge the filter of the excess  minerals) to waste and then regenerate (Ionise) the Resin beads within the filter housing

Water Softener Process

Pre Filter Softener and Brine Tank


Note : All Water Ion Exchange Softener Systems should be pre filtered to prevent fouling of the Ion Exchange resin bead


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