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Point of Use and Whole House

Ultra Violet (UV) Drinking Water Systems.

Have you checked your water recently ?? Here in INDONESIA, particularly BALI, the majority of ground well water is contaminated with some form of Virus or Bacteria, even PDAM (public water) once placed in a tank is subject to bacterial growth and contamination. Smart Energy offers a simple low cost solution to keep, you, your family or customers safe with Point of Use or Whole house water decontamination.

Ultraviolet (UV) has been used for centuries to purify water. This used to be done by passing water through a glass tube which was subject to direct sunlight. Things have obviously moved on since then and with the advent of UV lamps and a greater understanding of the biological process, UV water purification is now available 24 hours a day.

UV water purification offers the following advantages.

Chemical free. - no harmful bi-products or chemicals added to your water

Effectively kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungi, oocysts (cryptospridium and giardia), and other microbiological contaminants

High Flow with Simple operation, limited maintenance and easy installation

Low initial cost and ongoing operating cost relative to other treatment methods

Main Uses

Point of Use drinking and rinsing water for household and commercial Kitchens.

Clear and bacteria free water for commercial Ice machines.

Decontaminated water for household or commercial coffee machines.

General bacterial protection for commercial kitchens

General household protection for your families Peace of mind.

Important Notes

Point of Use ... As UV is from a light source, we insist on Pre filtration (max 1 micron) and Carbon filtration (Removes heavy metals and Chemicals), this ensures that the water is clear of any particles where viruses etc can hide or grow whilst be subjected to the light.

For Whole house or commercial UV treatment, we recommend a Silica/Carbon/ Resin pre filtration (see sediment filtration).

A system flush is required prior to installation of any UV system, to ensure that the system is bacteria and virus free thus preventing future contamination.

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